Welcome Home to Yourself!


And welcome to my wellness practice in the heart of Missoula!

I call it Shana's Heart of Healing because I work with heart to get to the heart of any issue that is holding you back, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. 

Body, mind and spirit are not separate entities – they work together as one. You can heal the body through the mind, or the mind through the body. My way of healing is through body work. Using gentle touch, I help you release tension, pain and energy blocks down to the deepest levels. I facilitate your innate self-healing potential and personal evolution. I guide you to re-discover your own Inner Wisdom that already has the answers to all your questions. You are embarking on an amazing journey of Self discovery, and I am honored to be your travel companion until you don't need my help anymore.


2019 and the Law of Attraction

The year 2018 passed in a blur, and to be honest, I'm glad it's over. I had many awesome experiences. And I was "sufficiently challenged", as my friend Evy likes to put it. This is not necessarily a bad thing. We grow from challenges and become clearer about what we want and what we don't want. Then all we need is focus and mindfulness to move forward. The much-cited Law of Attraction is rather simple: whatever you focus your attention on will get bigger in your experience. Happy or sad, pleasant or unpleasant, wanted or unwanted, the thoughts in your mind attract more of the same. So as we begin another journey around the sun with new -- or repeated -- resolutions, how do we focus our energy on what we desire, rather than on the things that make life unpleasant?

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