Heal the Healers

The last few weeks, months, and years have been rather exciting for those of us who are riding the waves of change. Most of my fellow healthcare providers have stated one way or another that they have been "sufficiently challenged" lately between their patients' needs and their own growing pains. Healing is an ongoing process of evolution for all of us, and as the speed of life accelerates, we as providers have to stay at least two steps ahead of our clients to continue to be of use to them.

Challenge provides opportunity, but also pressure and stress. It is difficult to stay present, compassionate, and effective when we are running on empty due to persistent overload. So for the month of April, I am offering my fellow healthcare practitioners, including (but not limited to) MDs, NDs, DOs, DCs, PACs, PTs, OTs, SLPs, LMTs, LCPCs, and all the highly skilled holistic healthcare providers without letters behind their names to come in for a little R&R with energy infusion on my table.

What I am offering is a free 90 minutes of deep relaxation, a chance to get out of our heads, into our bodies, and in touch with the amazing intelligence which informs all of our 70 trillion cells in their remarkable dance of life-sustaining cooperation. First come first serve, so call me for an appointment when you are ready for some TLC.