Lord, grant me patience…

...and make it snappy!

It's been a long winter. Just when I was ready for warmer days and the first signs of new growth, arctic winds descended upon us and settled in as if they were never-ever going to leave. Ice and snow covered the ground more than two feet deep around the cabin and across the horse pasture all through March. For the first time since moving to Arlee, we could not see bare ground at the spring equinox. I bought myself some potted daffodils, tulips and hyacinths and strategically placed them inside the cabin to remind me that it was officially spring now, really! At the grocery store I ran into one of my clients who was delighted with the weather. "The best spring skiing conditions ever! It's fantastic!"

I was glad for the reminder that some people were having a wonderful time, even while my horses and I were getting grumpier by the day. It is all a matter of perspective.

I destinctly saw the parallel of our weather with the social situation in the world right now. Most of us are so, so ready for the first signs of a New Earth, a new way of living together that is kinder and saner than the dog-eats-dog world of the past. However, the old energy has settled in as if it will never-ever leave. But it will. Here is why I am so sure about this:

To paraphrase J.R.R. Tolkin: "Change is upon us, whether we like it or not." The earth is not dying, as many fear. She is adjusting. She has done that for many cycles over millions of years. Estimates of the number of major mass extinctions in the last 540 million years range from as few as five to more than twenty, according to Wikipedia. Each mass extinction was followed by a period of mass proliferation of new, never before seen species.

The creativity of the Life Force itself cannot and will not be annihilated by plastic or fossil fuels. All we have to worry about is not becoming the next fossils due to our own refusal to adjust to changing conditions. In the short time that homo sapiens has been present on earth, we have proven to be highly adaptable to the largest variety of climates. The rare species that rival us in this achievement include mice, sparrows and cockroaches. Life on earth will go on until our sun burns out. All things must pass. However, consciousness - like energy - can neither be created nor destroyed. It only transforms. Whether we die as individuals or as a species, our innate Life Force happily moves on to new and different adventures.

System theory declares that energetically open systems go through quantum leaps of evolution at the state farthest from equilibrium. As long as a system is relatively stable, it remains the same. Looking at our human world at present, would you really like it to stay the same? I don't! Many of us are experiencing great discomfort with present events, which resemble awful past history. We know at the depth of our being that we can and must do better. Such a rise in individual consciouness is the herald of societal changes to come. It just takes time to change mass consciousness, which is subject to immense inertia. It is probably easier to bring a 100 car, fully loaded, coal train to a screetching halt, or turn the Titanic on a dime, than change mass consciouness. It took centuries after Magellan circumsailed the globe to change the flat earth theory in the minds of the masses. Even today there are some who doubt that the earth is round. Oh my! That does not stop the rest of us from visiting Australia or New Zealand without fear of falling off the surface of the earth into space. Science is a wonderful thing!

Science shows us that the changes we are observing are not only man made. As a species, we are not powerful enough to change the geomagnetic shield of the earth. Yet that is what is taking place. The magnetosphere of our planet is weakening, allowing more cosmic and solar radiation to penetrate into the earth's atmosphere. The energy is rising. This is not just some New Age metaphysics. It is physics. Something is under way that is far beyond the influence of human indifference and greed. There is an informative article available at https://phys.org/news/2018-02-fluctuations-earth-magnetic-field.html 

This influx of radiation is not going to destroy life on earth, but it is shaking things up. A confluence of factors is forcing life forms and societies to adapt and evolve. That is what life does! Evolution is an unstoppable force. It might take longer than we wish, but it is easier on the life forms on earth if it does not happen in a cataclysmic event. 

Changing perspective, we can regard the times we live in as the greatest adventure ever, instead of being grumpy and scared. Our hopes and dreams create a blueprint for the gentler and kinder world we are desiring. We are the ones laying the foundation for a new culture of compassion, peace and abundance on earth. Individually, we have an opportunity to evolve in this lifetime into something we have never been before - caterpillar to butterfly. To facilitate this process, we need to let go of fear and worry. Fear and worry stress the immune systhem and use up resources better used for evolution. The Life Force itself is moving things along inevitably. Do you trust it? Then relax and enjoy the wild ride! Happy Spring!