Springing forward into Summer

After a long, hard winter, we finally are experiencing the full glory of spring. Lush greens, beautiful blossoms, birds singing everywhere. Step out into nature and let yourself be restored!

New growth also is showing for my hopes and aspirations regarding the development of a Comprehensive Treatment Program, Montana style. During the first week of May I was blessed with the participation of a wonderful group of people in our first annual Somato-Emotional Release Study Group Retreat. I hoped that locating it at Boulder Hot Springs Inn and Spa just outside Boulder, Montana, would be an added incentive for CranioSacral Therapists to come together from far and wide to treat and get treated by fellow practitioners. I was right.

Of the original 11 participants, 7 stayed for all 4 days, and we decided not only to do it again next year, but also to get together sometime soon to offer multiple hands treatment for clients. The place and time has not been decided yet, but most likely it will be in my office in Missoula sometime this summer.

What is multiple hands treatment, and why do we do them? 

When you are suffering from the physical as well as emotional effects of trauma, the more resources you can recruit to help you heal, the bigger your chances of success.

Many people believe that only brutal attacks such as rape or beatings constitute trauma, but that is not so. Inadvertent separation from a parent through illness, death or divorce are traumatic for children. Emotional neglect from overworked or sick parents is traumatic. Accidents, surgeries, the loss of dear friends or pets, all of that can leave emotional and hidden physical scars in a body. Body and mind truly are not separate entities! 

One of the ways we protect ourselves from the emotional pain of trauma is by telling ourselves: "It wasn't that bad. Others have suffered so much more than this." In fact, trauma is not a competition. It is highly individual and dependent on our sensitivity level. Prehistoric cavemen probably didn't get hurt as much by the loss of a semi-domesticated wolf as today's children get traumatized by the death of their dog. We are in the process of evolving beyond mere survival. That is a good thing. Otherwise we would still enjoy entertainment such as watching "enemies" get torn to pieces by lions in the Roman Circus. Becoming more sensitive is desirable, not weakness.

Touching on our most vulnerable issues physically and emotionally is a scary prospect. So why do we do it? Because the alternative is living with unresolved issues that rear their ugly heads again and again, and often in the most inopportune ways and times.

It is the nature of being human that our soul has a desire to heal. This desire is in conflict with the Protector inside who says, leave well enough alone. So there is an internal struggle going on all the time: Keep repeating what worked in the past to help us survive, or do something different with unknown, but hopefully more desirable outcomes. The shoes that protected our feet when we were 9 years old would have crippled them if we kept wearing them by age 15. That makes sense, but for the Protector, nothing is scarier than the Great Unknown. That's why we frequently need additional support to overcome our own resistance toward growth and healing. The more, the better.

That is why we gathered at Boulder Hot Springs to support each other in our respective healing journeys, and why some of us decided to cooperate on occasion and assist clients as a group. With the unconditional support of two or three therapists working together on one client, we can go where angels don't dare to tread. The results are liberating and uplifting beyond compare.

I will keep you posted on future developments. If you want more information, let me know.

As always, blessings to all of you!